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About DMT

Dwight Mortgage Trust and Dwight Capital

DMT provides risk-adjusted returns to its investors through debt investments secured by real estate within the United States, focusing on markets Dwight believes are underserved by other lending institutions.

  • Focused Niche Approach

    Niche product within the short term first lien financing space.

    Emphasis on properties that fit within the GSE programs with a well-defined exit

  • Underwriting

    50+ person underwriting team

    Insight on borrower behavior and nuances of credit conditions/mortgage programs

  • Market Expertise & Insight

    Deep structural understanding across agency debt platforms

    Institutional knowledge with a long history of working in the asset-back securities lending space

  • Risk Management

    DMT’s investment team uses extensive scenario analysis to evaluate risk at both the loan level and portfolio level

    Continuous monitoring of borrower’s ability to secure permanent financing through underwriting and origination teams

Dwight Capital has been a Top-5 HUD multifamily loan originator in the U.S. for the past eight consecutive years. With combined experience, the firm’s executives have closed in excess of $11 billion of market rate and affordable housing loans through HUD financing programs over the past decade. The senior team members at DSM and Dwight Capital bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in origination, trading, and portfolio and risk management of FHA and CMBS securities in addition to deep real estate financing experience.

Dwight Mortgage Trust is managed by Dwight Securities Management ("DSM"), an alternate fixed income manager focused on commercial real estate.